Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bringing Glory Back to Ol' Georgia: Video Board

Part four of our series will show the need for a new video board in Sanford Stadium.  You may not realize while you're at the game, but after this post you'll see how behind we are in that area.  Also in this post we'll discuss the lack of branding inside and even outside of the stadium.

Part 4:

We have a decent scoreboard, but we’re clearly getting passed up by newer, nicer, more visible video boards all across the conference.  It’s time to expand our video board to a more panoramic board in the West, (bridge) endzone.  I don’t want to compromise the view of the bridge and the campus, but we can have both.  Also, I suggest a video board about the size of the one we currently have on top of the East end zone deck. The SEC is a facilities arms race and we’re behind when it comes to stadium amenities. See for yourself.

Sanford Stadium is not advertised well enough on the outside of the Stadium.  This is arguable the crowned jewel of the campus. Below I have pictured several stadiums with beautiful backlit letters displaying the name of their stadium on the outside of their video board, some even have iconic players featured on the outside of their stadium...what an idea.  You can see our scoreboard from all over campus.  How nice would it be to see it lit up at night?

UGA doesn't do a very good job of marketing their brand inside the stadium either.  Currently Sanford Stadium is written one time inside the stadium.  Just about every stadium I've been to, which is a whole bunch, does a better job of people where they are with graphics and stadium identification.


As you can see, we're behind the times on stadium visuals.  From retired numbers and championship seasons to video boards and even naming the field after Vince Dooley, UGA is lacking at marketing it's brand in a number of areas throughout the Stadium.

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