Monday, April 18, 2011

First Hand Thoughts On Spring Practice & G-Day

Terry and I went to practice last week and then went to the Spring Awards Banquet on Thursday. Here's a few things I learned:

-Butts-Mehre is unbelievable. It truly is about as good it gets in facilities. The coaches offices are out of sight. The weight room is incredible. It's just remarkable.

From practice:
-Jarvis Jones is a large man, and a good kid

-LeMay is smooth, but in Bobo's words "He doesn't have a clue what he's doing right now." Bobo compared him to Charlie Ward

-Marlon drops too many balls, but we don't really have anyone else, so he's got to play.
-Orson was dominant
-I like Conley. That kid's gonna be pretty good.
-Bruce Figgins and Kwame should be first off the bus
-It's Murray's team.
-Joe T is ready to go and intense, as always
-John Kasay is the craziest man on the planet. However, to his credit (or something like that), he did tell Ben and I that Trinton was the softest OL he'd ever seen. 2 days later…

From the Banquet:
-I sat beside TJ Stripling. What a great young man. He was cordial and talkative. He says he'll be ready to go in the summer. He'll be playing OLB. Kind of the forgotten man, there. He did NOT get a redshirt last year. He says he's put about 20-25 lbs since coming to Athens. He said the S & C program has worked. He pointed to his arms and said, "It works." He said he feels strong and the best he's ever felt.

-I also had Brandon Harton, Parker Welch and a walk-on OL. All good kids. I like Harton.
-Also had Coach Ray Lamb, Mixon Robinson, Lou Perno (former trainer & Dave's uncle), and Jimmy Harper. Harper was a long time SEC ref. He said about 1/3 of the refs in the SEC now didn't even play H.S. Football. He said it used to be a requirement to that you played college ball. Just thought it was an interesting side note.

- Terry struck the jackpot. Had Murray at his table, along w/ Kolton Houston. He will concur that Murray is a great guy.
-Of course, we're apparantly trying to turn Murray into a lunatic because we put Bobby Poss (the craziest letterman in UGA history) and John Kasay at his table, too.

-The banquet was really cool in that they had a video about the history of G-Day and a little UGA football history. Richt is really trying to connect those guys to the past.


-I could've predicted Carlton's performance.

-Kwame Geathers was impressive.

-Alec Ogletree is a beast. He was everywhere.

-Zander Ogletree looks to have beefed up and added a lot of muscle. Looks good.

-Cordy Glenn looked great at LT.

-Jarvis Jones is really athletic.

-Michael Bennett was impressive. Looks to be a little bit thicker than Durham.

-Aron White looked more defined and quicker.

-Shawn Williams was all over the place.

-Bruce Figgins could be a weapon at FB. Looks to be in great shape.

-Derrick Lott had a great game and also caught my eye.

-If we're going to use Branden Smith on offense, we've got to get the jersey thing figured out. I've come around on the number thing. I hate it and if was the coach I'd find a way around it. But, I'm not the coach, and if it is putting us at a recruiting disadvantage, then we've got to compete. Bama, Texas, OU, USC, & Florida have double numbers. We might have to, too. BTW, it's not unprecedented at UGA. Gordon & Jeff Owens both wore #95 while in Athens. But, if we don't play Branden on offense when Crowell is in there, it will be terribly bad coaching. I suspect the answer will be for Branden to put on another number while on offense. That seems like a lot of crazy work to me -- but to each his own. Personally, if I was a player, I'd want my own identity. But we gotta get it figured out. If Branden Smith changed his number, he'd be my new hero and one of my favorite Dawgs of all-time.

-If Stafford had not won the skills competition, Detroit should be worried.