Friday, April 22, 2016

Just the Beginning

Well, have we ever seen a spring quite like this one?  Energy and excitement are palpable around the program, but that’s not excites me most – it’s the fans of other teams.  They are afraid.  Very, very afraid.
·       Boy, Georgia sold their soul, didn’t they?
·       Don’t y’all know something better than Ludacris to spend your money on?
·       I guess y’all are gonna do anything to win now?
·       It’s football first, huh?
The answer to those comments are:  No.  No. Just about.  You got that right.  And the money…we’ve got a lot of it.  I keep telling myself we won’t win every game.  I keep telling myself that.  But we’re going to win a lot.  I believe Kirby has awakened a sleeping giant.  Our fanbase.  The talent in our state.  The power of the G. 
There are differences.  The culture of GA and the metro area is much different than Bama.  We will hold an academic standard that is, um, higher.  I don’t think we’ll see the kind of complete surrender to the monster like they have in Tuscaloosa.  But Kirby’s not taking over a train wreck, either.  Bama had been on a very bad run, and the hiring of a few coaches had been a joke.  Kirby is taking over a team that has gone 10-3 the last two years.  He’s also taking over a team, make that THE team, in a state that is overflowing with talent.
I told Law Dawg I’ve decided what I want.  It’s early, but this is it.  It’s simple.  I want to win three national championships in a row.  I want to do what Bama has never done.  No team has done it since 1950.  Army in the ‘40s with Blanchard and Davis was the last team to do it.  It’s not just 1.  Don’t get me wrong.  I want one.  We need to think bigger.  There’s no reason we can’t.
Saban will be 65 in October.  Miles will be 63 in November.  Are you really scared of Malzhan and McElwain?  Does Booooch scare you?  I didn’t think so.  There are other good coaches out there.  But we have the potential to be a on an historic run in about 5 years.  There’s only one coach that scares me to get in this league, and he coaches in Fort Collins, Colorado.  If Texas had a brain, they’d hire him and take over the Big 12.
That’s my ramblings.  G Day was G Day.  Amazing atmosphere, but the players are what matter:
·       Just start Eason
·       Impressed by Ridley
·       We gotta get all those TEs on the field
·       Me like Natrez