Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thoughts from the Bluegrass

-The Parkette Drive-In is a must for future visits to Lex
-Keeneland is awesome. They must love good weather, a night game and the Dawgs in town because we covered that place up.

-Commonwealth Stadium's concessions are just a notch up. I got good, and I mean GOOD, sweet tea at a concession stand.
-The sound system is out of control there. It was ear piercing. I just don't get it. No one, in red or blue, was enjoying the 17 videos they showed during pre-game.

-Does Kentucky know they're in the Big 10?
-Their fans were very mouthy before kickoff. I've never heard them talk so much smack. I'm going to give them the business next year in Athens. Don't worry, though, I held my own. I just kept asking them, "You guys have a football team? I thought we were here for basketball. Who knew?" They didn't find this particularly funny.

-The UGA fan in front of me pointed to the program to his UK buddy at the Joker Phillips bio and said, "is that really his name?" No, it's a massive misprint and all season announcers across the nation have been getting it wrong. He was only head coach in waiting for 17 years.

-I got in a near argument pre-game w/ an acquaintance from college about the new scheduling philosophy. He said, and I quote, "I don't care about winning a national championship. I want to go to some good games and have good experiences. I'd rather lose to Michigan than beat Charleston Southern." -AND- "I don't think it affects the rest of the season whatsoever." While Florida is playing 7 home games and Auburn is playing 8…I, for the life of me, can not understand his logic. It actually disturbs me that we have UGA fans that are that dense. There's no rule that says you can't go to the Rockies in May with your family. Why do you need UGA football to provide you with opportunities to travel? It just baffles me. If you have that attitude, then you can never expect to win big, and you can never judge your coaches win/loss record on the right manner. The truth is, it is impossible to judge CMR vs. Urban since 2006. Richt has been asked to play against schedules that no one else in America is playing against starting in 2006 with Colorado. Urban's playing Charleston Southern and Troy. Hmmm…everything was fine w/ Richt at UGA through 2005, right? Wonder what changed…

I have no idea what's going to happen on Saturday. Who knows what to expect from the Gators? I think we'll play loose, though. We have no reason not to. It's going to be a strange environment down there, and I can't wait.

Couple of tidbits. Last week I heard Dantzler talking about this after the Cocks lost to UK. I lived there in '84 and remember their great season, but had forgotten the timeline of that season. They were 9-0 and lost to Navy. And that was a bad Navy team. They beat Clemson the next week. BYU won the national championship that year because no one else was undefeated. They beat a 6-5 Michigan team in the Holiday Bowl. Thing is, Cocks were independent, and most certainly would have gotten an invite to San Diego to play the Cougers for all the marbles if they'd have beaten Navy…of all teams. They lost the Gator Bowl instead and the curse continued.

If they lose 2 more and we end up in the dome, it will be a collapse of epic proportions.

Go Dawgs!
Beat Florida!
Gators eat boogers and wear jean shorts!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dawgs in the Dome?!

The craziest scenarios ever. Let's get this straight, I'm not predicting anything, but I'm just saying 'what if'. And, frankly, in some crazy way, we're playing about as well as anyone in the Conference right now outside of Lee Co., Alabama. We're definitely playing the best ball in the East the last 2 weeks. So, we HAVE to beat UK & UF. We just have to. Those are Eastern Division games and crucial to the whole race.

Also, there is no scenario that will work that doesn't include South Carolina losing 2 more games. They have to. Even if we win out and they lose once, there's no one we can tie with to end up in a 3-way tie with them outside of UT or Vandy, which would mean UT beating Bama and SC or Vandy beating a whole bunch of people they ain't. So, knowing that, the 'Cocks, for 4 straight weeks are @ Vandy, vs. UT, vs. Arkansas, and @ Fla. No matter what, for them to lose 2, one of them will be a division game, which is good for us. There's a very good possibility they lose 2 more. They are very pedestrian w/o #21 in the lineup.

Okay, so the easiest thing is for that to happen and we just win out and we win the thing outright. That's crazy. Here's the thing, though. It doesn't really matter as long as we beat UK and UF. Losing to Auburn won't matter. That's the formula. Win the next 2, cheer for the Cocks to lose 2 more (now, this is under the assumption that one of the Cocks' losses is in the swamp). Because…

We do our part but lose to Auburn. UF regroups after our game and wins out. Cocks lose 2, including Fla. That puts us in a round robin head to head w/ the 3 teams. So, you go to Eastern record. We'd be 4-1, Fla. Would be 4-1, Cocks would be 3-2. Cocks eliminated, back to head to head w/ Gators…we win.

We do our part, but lose to Auburn. Florida implodes and loses to Darth Visor, too. Kentucky regroups and beats MSU, Vandy & UT (finally). Cocks lose to Arky & UT. Same thing w/ the round robin between Cocks, Dawgs and UK. Goes to East record. We're 4-1. UK would be 3-2. Cocks 3-2. We win, book it for Peachtree St.

The crazy 4-way-tie world scenario:
We do our part, but lose to Auburn. Florida regroups and wins out after our game, beats Vandy & Cocks, going 4-4 in the SEC. Kentucky regroups after our game and goes 4-4, beating MSU, Vandy & UT. Cocks lose to Arky and Gators. 4 way tie between UK, UGA, UF and FakeUSC. Head to head. Cocks are 1-2, Cats are 1-2, Gators are 2-1, Dawgs are 2-1. Cats and Cocks eliminated. Dawgs win out over Gators.

It's about to get crazy. You know, if there is karma in college football, we'll win this thing and sneak in, and we'll play undefeated and #1 ranked LSU in the dome…and Adriel Jeremiah Green will catch a last second fade route to seal the deal.

Oh, and get this, in all those 4-loss scenarios, do you realize how crazy it could get. This ain't that far fetched. We could literally win the next to and lose to Auburn and Tech and play for the Championship at 6-6. Heck, we could tank it against Idaho St. and go 5-7 and still get there.