Thursday, June 16, 2011

Interesting Boise/Gamecock Thought

I began thinking something kind of strange today. Obviously, I want to come out of the gate 2-0. We do that and we're set. But I begin thinking about who I'd rather lose to if we go 1-1. It's kind of strange, and you have to think about what your ultimate goal is.

This may sound odd, but if you're goal is first and foremost win the National Title, then you have to say that it's more important to beat Boise. Boise will be higher ranked. Plus, if you beat Boise and lose to the 'Cocks, you could recover and go 11-1 and beat a bunch of good teams. Moreover, it's hard to imagine going 11-1, w/ the 1 loss being to Boise and going to the MNC game OVER an undefeated Boise. Heck, it would even be hard to put us in the game over a 11-1 Boise. I mean, if our records are equal and they won head to head, it's hard to say we deserve to go over them.


If our goal is first and foremost to win the SEC, then obviously beating the Cock's is more important. In fact, the best route to the MNC game is winning the SEC, and it would be very hard to win the East without a win over FakeUSC.

It's just an interesting thought. For the record, I think we win both of them. We have so much on the line. I think we're going to come out swinging like we never have before. And I think our QB is going to be better than we remember. He's going to be a lot better this Fall. And #7 ain't bad.

Newcomer Jersey Numbers

Looks like we might be headed towards the label of "crazy number team". I like most of them, but I'm not a huge fan of the WR numbers in this bunch.

61 David Andrews

58 Sterling Bailey

37 Devin Bowman

31 Chris Conley

1 Isaiah Crowell

78 Watts Dantzler

76 Zach DeBell

47 Ray Drew

43 Quintavius Harrow

52 Amarlo Herrera

6 John Jenkins

16 Christian LeMay

66 Hunter Long

27 Nick Marshall

26 Malcolm Mitchell

39 Corey Moore

87 Jay Rome

8 Chris Sanders

86 Justin Scott-Wesley

84 Sanford Seay

5 Damian Swann

59 Nathan Theus

3 Kent Turene

63 Xzavier Ward

51 Ramik Wilson