Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pre Head Coaching Experience - Not So Fast My Friend

Clemson – Dabo, wasn’t even a coordinator at Clemson
Bama – Saban, had won NC at LSU
OU – Stoops, DC at Florida
Iowa – Ferentz, OL coach for Ravens (had been Maine HC before with a 12-21 record)
MSU – Dantonio, HC @ Cincinnati
OSU – Meyer, HC @ Bowling Green, Utah, Florida
UNC – Fedora, HC @ Southern Miss
Stanford – Shaw, OC @ Stanford
FSU – Jimbo, OC @ LSU & FSU
ND – Kelly, HC @ Grand Valley St., Central Mich & Cincy

So, of the top 10 teams, 5 had HC experience.  4 had never been head coaches, and 1 hade sort of been a HC, though a very unsuccessful one at a tiny program before heading to NFL as an assistant.

There is no formula.  Saban and Meyer were different animals.  They had won at the highest level at power 5 conference schools.  You already knew what they could do, which is the best indicator of what they would do.  There aren’t many of those available.  I’ll name them for you:

Jimbo Fisher
Gene Chizik
Les Miles
Mack Brown
Pete Carroll
Jim Tressell
Larry Coker
Bob Stoops

Many of those you don’t want.  Some you can’t get.  And the others would cost A LOT and would most likely turn us down.

That means it’s a crapshoot.  We don’t know.  Could Chip Kelly do it?  Could Dantonio do it?  Maybe. But there’s not guarantee.  If Kirby is the guy they think and we’re going to support him, let’s go for it.  I love Richt.  Adore the man, but I’ll take my chances with Cold-Blooded Kirby vs. Butch, Mac and Malzhan every year.