Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kirby's 680 Interview

Did y’all hear Kirby on 680 this morning?  I missed it but listened to it online.  Guys, I don’t want to be Mr. Happy Talk, but this guy’s going to kill it.  Alabama is going to miss him gravely.
I love Mark Richt, but the bottom line is recruiting is about hard work and long hours.  “Getting ahead of the other guy.”  He sees recruiting as a competition as much as the games on Saturdays.  He wants to beat the other guy.  That’s the edge I think Mark missed in the new era of recruiting.  When Meyer came to the SEC, everything changed, and Saban made it more crazy.  I’m not sure we put the work in.  Kirby said the coaches get an hour for lunch.  That’s it.  1 p.m. recruiting evaluation starts every day.  It’s February.  We just had signing day.
I think he’s on speed or Red Bull.  Or both.  And a lot of Surge and Volt Cola.  And I think we’re going to win a lot.
It’s a much different vibe than CMR.  It’s okay to love both guys.  But I think he’s got the thing to take that next step.  It’s an edge I, frankly, have never heard in a UGA coach, but it’s what I imagine it’s what Butts had.  It was in Dooley a little.
It’s gonna be a fun few years.

Friday, February 12, 2016

I've Got to Change the Way I Think About Football

The Super Bowl finally did it.  I’ve got to change how I think about the game.  I’ve seen the story too many times.  It’s all about defense.  If you can stop people, you can beat anyone at any time.  I’ve got to change what I think. 
Denver over Carolina
Seahawks over Broncos
Ravens over 49ers
Giants over Patriots twice
Patriots over Rams
Bama over Clemson
Ohio St. over Bama & Oregon
Auburn over Oregon
Bama over LSU
Bama over UGA and Notre Dame
Bama over Texas
Florida over Ohio St
Florida over Oklahoma
LSU over Ohio St.
You have to be able to score some points.  You have to, but good gracious, Denver ALMOST scored 24 points in a super bowl w/o an offensive TD if the cat scores on the fumble.  If you could point to a failure of Mark Richt, it’s that he didn’t learn ENOUGH from Bobby and he fell in love with himself as an OC and Offensive minded coach.  Richt didn’t win those titles alone at FSU.  He won them with the help of Mickey Andrews and monster DEs on almost every FSU team back them.  As dominant an offensive player as Cam was in 2010, they won the title game because Oregon couldn’t block Fairley.  Auburn scored 20 pts and won on a FG on the last play of the game.  They had 17 pts most of the game.
If there is a cultural change we’ve got to go through, this is it.  Goff’s hire of McDuffie in the early 90s and signing of Garrison, Hastings and Zeier issued a sea change in Athens.  We became known as an offensive powerhouse.  We hired Donnan, another offensive innovator, then Richt, the best OC for a decade in college football.  He groomed a record breaking OC in Mike Bob. 
Since 1991, we have set records offensively.  Garrison was a Heisman finalist.  Zeier set every SEC passing record imaginable.  Bobo set efficiency records under Donnan and Hines Ward became one of the most versatile players in the sport’s history.  Greene broke nearly all of Peyton’s records, and whatever was left of Manning or Weurffel’s records were smashed by Murray.  We had 1,000 rushers.  Nick Chubb did something not done since Herschel.  We signed the most unstoppable WR we’ve ever had in AJ.
But our best years under each coach were when we had elite players on defense, especially pass rushers.  Mitch Davis, Champ Bailey, David Pollack, Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree.
I want us to be sexy on offense.  It’s in my nature.  I’m wrong.  I need us to be sexy on defense.  Sexy offenses ALL get shut down at some point by a better defense.


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