Wednesday, November 18, 2015

5 Year Breakdowns of the CMR Era

Was just thinking about how those middle 5 years were a trainwreck for Richt, at least feeling that way, so I looked at the data.  If we somehow make it to 10 wins (and that’s no given with this offense – our best bet is to end up in Outback or Citrus vs. Iowa…they can’t score either).  But, if we do, this is how the 5 year segments shape up.  One of those is not like the other.  The middle five also included some of our worst QBs.  If we had HAD a functional QB this year, it’s not unreasonable to figure that we might have matched the win total.  This year has been sad and strange, but you can’t look at these 5 like the previous 5 if we somehow pull off 10 wins.  It’s simply nothing to sneeze at.  Also, fun fact:  all 3 SECCG Richt has lost has been to 2 national champions and other played for the national championship only to lose to another SEC team.  Tough luck.  

1st 5 years
52-13 = 80%
David Greene (Freshman-Senior)
DJ Shockley (Freshman-Senior)
Joe Tereshinski III (1 game) (Junior)

Four 10+ win seasons
3 SEC Champ. Games
2 SEC Championships

2nd 5 years
44-21 = 67.7%
Joe Tereshinski III (Senior)
Matthew Stafford (Freshman-Junior)
Joe Cox (Freshman-Senior)
Aaron Murray (Freshman)

Two 10+ win seasons
0 SEC Championship games
0 SEC Championships

3rd 5 years
50-17 = 74.6%
Aaron Murray (Sophomore-Senior)
Hutson Mason (Senior)
Greyson Lambert (Junior)
Faton Bauta (Junior) (1 game)

Four 10+ win seasons
2 SEC Championship Games
0 SEC Championships

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