Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Nicholas is 4th in the nation in rushing and 4th in yards per carry.  The two groups are totally different groups.  The top 7 in rushing yards all have had 40+ carries.  The leader has had 59.  Chubb has had 35.  This is just getting started.  We’re going to ride this stud like CMR has never rode a stud in 15 yrs. Because I think we think he can take it.  He’s going to get 25+ carries on Saturday.

I’m convinced we’re going to try and win a national championship a very different way:

·       Ride Nick Chubb to the Heisman
·       Rely on a very stingy D
·       Count on some special team TDs from sony, Reggie, and joystick
·       Throw it 15 times a game

Every single game might look like Saturday.  Chubb goes for 150+, special teams and/or defensive TD.  I got to thinking about Lambert’s first half.  It looked dreadful, but it wasd 0-5, not 0-10.  Chubb flat out dropped one.  Would you feel better if it had been 1-5?  Would he have gained some confidence if that had been a completion?  But the number there isn’t the zero…it’s the 5.  He threw it 5 times.  Ramsey threw it 3 more, I think.  But that’s only 8.  That’s 16 for a the game.  We’d all feel better if he’d have gone 4-9 in the first half and missed 5 throws.  I think we’ll get more creative, but we might not need to except on Oct. 3 and Oct. 31.

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