Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Thoughts

Hold on before I start typing…okay, sorry, I was just watching Greyson Lambert complete his 438th pass in a row vs. the Cocks.  Hey Steve, remember the ol’ forward pass.  It’s fun.  You should try it.  Oh, Sony just scored again.

Well, fun night in Sanford.  I really like a 5-6 p.m. kickoff.  Great tailgating but the game doesn’t end at 11:15 p.m.  So much good to see:

·       I was telling Teddy, and it’s the point that is most important:  At no time did our offense in 2014 look like that.  The last time it looked like that was 2013 Auburn, South Carolina and LSU, when we had Todd/Keith and Aaron.  The difference simple.  Greyson Lambert > Hutson Mason.  We never looked dangerous through the air last year.  We looked dangerous on Saturday night.
·       Quincy Mauger sure has come a long way since that day in Neyland Stadium.
·       I knew Floyd was good.  I had no idea.  Dude was banged up last year.
·       Our WRs are starting to come into their own.  Godwin is gonna break one open at some point.  Izzy is become a very reliable short route runner (and he’s so quick he can get open).  Reggie has become just a solid guy and Malcom gonna be Malcom.
·       Nick Chubb keeps getting a quiet 150 yards, but it won’t be quiet forever.  There will come a 225 game or two in there.  
·       Sony Michel is just a fantastic football player.  I wouldn’t kickoff to him either.  Personally, I’d like to see Keith and Sony back on KOs.  Don’t like Joystick back there in that situation.  As I say this, he’ll probably take one back against Bama because he just needs a crease.  I just think Keith has more straight away speed.
·       So this is what it feels like to have a really good offensive line.  2003 David Greene says he appreciates that.
·       Dom Sanders seems to be in the right place at the right time, but I think that says something about him.  And how many INTs between the numbers have we seen dropped over the years.  Great to have a safety with superb ball skills.
·       So, our QB on offense played at Virginia last year and our QB on defense played at UAB last year.  Gotcha.  Hard to believe how good Ganus is.  But, they both tell a story that “The Georgia Way” is a-changing.  We’re all about winning a championship, and we needed those two pieces to compete for one.
·       You’d be hard pressed to find a team with 3 better TEs than we’ve got.

On Lambert:
·       Look guys, he played a bad half in Nashville, but the cat is 5th in the NATION is passing efficiency.  He’s 6th in completion percentage.  And if the season ended today he’d be the All-SEC QB.  But we gots a lot of season left.
·       It’s easy to see the kid is super smart.  He got us in the right play a lot.  The one that comes mind to most is backed up in the East Endzone and he checks to a different formation and scheme and hits a wide open Jackson Harris.
·       Right now, who else in the SEC would you rather have.  
·       And boy a week changes things.  After watching DeShaun Thursday night and Greyson on Saturday…sure looks like our guy is better.  He was better this week for sure.
·       He’s not going to go 24-25 every week, but what we saw is that he can make every throw.  I’d imagine we’ll practice some bombs this week early and often.
·       Gosh it feels good that we rope-a-doped ol’ Steve.

The State of Alabama and beyond:
·       Auburn better watch out.  They could be sitting at home with the ‘Cocks for Christmas.  They’ve got a huge on Saturday night vs. MSU.  They need to win that one in a bad way, but so do the Bizarros.  War Chickens travel to Lexington on a Thursday night in October.  Watch out.
·       LSU is good.  I picked us to play them in Hotlanta.  They won’t beat us if they can’t throw it…and they can’t throw it.  This is not Grantham’s 2011 D.
·       I think UT wins on Saturday.  I just sort of think Florida isn’t good.  You can’t hide what has happened the last 2 games.  They pulled out victories vs. 2 bad teams. 
·       Bama game at 3:30.  I know what everyone will say.  Now they’re angry.  Now we’ll get their best shot.  Now their backs are against the wall.  Now they HAVE to win to keep their playoff hopes alive.  Um…weren’t you angry about the team that beat you last year and needed to beat to stay up in your division and at home at night and revenge and they didn’t have their best Offensive Lineman and their QB is a goober and…didn’t the Rebels get your best effort and concentration?  Maybe turnovers are just who Bama is.  
·       I’m not convinced they have a QB or WR that can hurt us.  I’m not sure Henry can just line up and slam through us.  I’d be willing to bet #51 is looking forward to that game.
·       Their D might be good, but Ole Miss racked up 433 yards on them.  I don’t even know who OM has at running back, but I know who they don’t have.
·       I get a 2004 LSU feeling.  LSU lost early that year, but we didn’t seem to care.  It showed they’re beatable…so we just beat them like a rented mule.

It’s too early to say anything, but it sure is feeling like it could be special.  We have a lot of pieces, and right now I’d play anyone in America and there aren’t many teams that want to play us.

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