Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Hard to believe it’s game week, gentlemen.  But given the short hour we are at until the season begins, here’s a few of my conference prognostications (UGA prognostications coming later):

·       The Cocks will not roll into Athens undefeated.  I think they lose to UNC or UK before they play us.  My bet is that they lose Thursday night.  I don’t think they are going bowling.  I think they have losses that are locks in Georgia, LSU, @ TAMU, & Clemson.  I think 8-4 would be an outstanding season for them.  But I think they lose to UNC or UK, then they’ve got @ UT, Florida, @ Mizzou.  They even host UCF in between @ UGA and @ Mizzou.  I just see a lot of losses for them this year.
·       Florida will look like Florida has looked the last 2 years, but their D won’t be as good and their O will be a little improved.  They will play us hard, but let’s hope it looks more like 2013 than 2014 in Jax.
·       UT is simply overrated.  Butch likes to say they were 4-1 down the stretch w/ Dobbs.  Well, Butch, if you recall you actually started Joshua vs. Bama in game 7.  So, he was 4-2 as a starter with wins over South Carolina (in the most epic of meltdowns in recorded history), UK, Vandy (in which UT won 24-17 and Dobbs was 11 of 20) and Iowa.  THIS is why we’re supposed to believe in Dobbs and UT.  I see 7-5 or 8-4 for them.  I think they beat Florida, but lose to Bama, UGA, OU and someone else.
·       Mizzou will take step back.  Their schedule is nice (they get Miss. St. and Arky), but they also play BYU in Columbia.  I predict something like 8-4 for them.  They might go 9-3 as I could see them going 6-2 in conference and losing to BYU.  They play @ Arky St.  Who scheduled that?
·       Vandy will quit football after this season.  Seriously, who are they going to hire?  They ought to hire that Arkansas High School coach that never punts, goes for 2 and onside kicks.  I’m not joking.  That could be their gimmick and shot to drive other coaches nuts.
·       I think UK has a shot at a bowl.  They get 3 gimmes plus Vandy.  That’s 4 wins.  Can they manufacture 2 wins vs. everyone else.  They play Auburn in Lex on a Thursday night.  Could be sneaky.  They host Florida in Lex in week 3 at night.  They host Louisville.  They host UT and Mizzou.  They just need to steal 2 of those.  

·       Bama – they’ll be good but not Bama of 2011-12 caliber.  I’m not sure Henry is ready to be a workhorse like Lacy or Richardson.  They don’t have that dangerous WR, and I’m not sure they have a QB.  I actually think they’ll struggle in week one because of QB play and it could be close early.  Not sure Wisky is world beaters, so it could end up a route by the end.  But it wouldn’t surprise me to see it go close late.  
·       I think LSU is the team to beat.  Something tells me it could be their time to shine again.  I’m picking them to win the West.  They don’t have a QB.  They never have a QB.  It doesn’t seem to matter when they have talent around them.
·       I literally DO NOT GET the Auburn love.  I think they crash and burn.  I’m predicting Louisville to beat them, and the meme of the ACC’s power over the SEC will begin.  I won’t mind.  My hope is JHC has a pick six early in the game and Trey Matthews gets burned on a deep ball, perhaps even tipping it to a Louisville WR.  They lost a ton of talent and I think Duq Williams is a team cancer and it will start to eat them alive from the inside.  Jeremy Johnson might be the next Dan Marino, but I just don’t buy it.  If he was that much better, then why not play him while you were going 8-5 last year.
·       A&M is my other sleeper pick.  If LSU doesn’t win the West, they will.  Chavous will make a difference for them, and I think Kyle Allen is ready to be a star.
·       Miss. St. – how do you have the best QB in the conference and you’re picked last in your division.  I have no idea about these guys.  Their schedule is a joke again.  They play 4 patsies.  Their hardest non-conf game is opening @ Southern Miss.  But they can probably chalk up 4 wins there.  So, they go 4-4 in the league and their 8-4.  The schedule is just embarrassing.  Play 1 game MSU.  
·       I have no idea about Ole Miss either.  They get Vandy and @ Florida from the East.  They can win both of those.  Non-conf. is fairly week.  They do host Fresno St. and go to Memphis, but they should win those.  That could be 6 wins right there, and they can win some divisional games.  They could go 8-4 or 9-3 and ‘look’ like a great season but not really have beaten anyone of much significance.  This is a team that Arky smoked 31-0.  That really happened.
·       I think the injury to the RB hurts the Hogs in a big way.  They host Texas Tech, which should be fun.  They go @ UT and host Mizzou from the east.  Probably 1-1 in that mix, but could be 2-0 or 0-2 just as easily.  They might be improved but the record won’t really say it, maybe 7-5ish.  8-4 would be a huge accomplishment, maybe knock off one of the big boys in a game.

That’s my 2 cents.

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