Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Georgia Way

Have y’all seen the video UGA made about Ganus’ engagement and read the story?  Richt helped orchestrate it…on South Carolina week.  That’s how confident we were that we were going to win, while the rest of us were worried the OBC might pull one out of the hat.

The shot of the OL and Blaze celebrating with Ganus is pretty priceless.  There is a ‘goodness’ about them and the whole deal.  Is this “The Georgia Way”?  We look like a team full of very talented, mature young men:  Ganus, Jenkins, Mitchell, Chubb, Houston, Theus, Lambert.  Sprinkled in is very young and dynamic talent:  Michel, McKenzie, Godwin, Sanders, Blaze, Parish and Zo.  And we have Leonard Floyd.  There seems to be a chemistry and confidence that is…different.  What a joy it would be for me to see Malcom and Jay play lights out in a National Title game and one of them score the winning touchdown.  #Valdosta #DreamTeam

BTW, went to dinner last night w/ 2 Auburn friends, who are otherwise sane people. They remain the most delusional fan base in America.  They didn’t see this Saturday vs. MSU as THAT big a game.  Really?  The Aubies lose that one and it’s going in the tank. 

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